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This page holds all the Subject Leadership Information for History at Rosehill Junior School. At Rosehill, we follow the national curriculum and history taught through key threads that begin in Y3 and continue through school up to Y6. Our threads are:

Power & Hierarchy

Conflict & Disaster

Progress & Change


Aims and Intent

Statement of Intent

In our school, history is an important part of preparing children for the future. With the national curriculum, we give our children the opportunity to learn about the history of Britain and the past of the wider world. Our curriculum aims to stimulate our children’s curiosity and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of how the past affects people’s lives today. Throughout lessons, children will be encouraged to think critically, ask questions, and use sources to understand about the choices made in the past and the following consequences and benefits of this. By investigating and studying significant change within countries and communities caused by invasion and migration, children will be able to draw out links and differences in their lives.

Statement of Implementation

Our history curriculum is delivered through use of the National Curriculum supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression. This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children. Before each unit of work, a knowledge organiser is created and shared with the children. Each unit begins with links being made to prior learning and units and a clear discussion of the chronology of each unit. key vocabulary is identified and taught within each unit. It is important that the children develop progressive skills of a historian throughout their time at Rosehill and do not just learn a series of facts about the past. In history, pupils, as historians, research, interpret evidence, including primary and secondary sources, and have the necessary skills to argue for their point of view; skills that are essential. We ensure that the children experience, where possible, good quality, first-hand experiences.

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