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Aims and Intent

Through our PSHE lessons, it is our intent that, when children leave Rosehill, they do so with the knowledge, understanding and emotions to play an active and positive role in society. We want our children to have aspirations and a belief in themselves. In a modern and ever-changing world, we endeavour to ensure that our children are aware of factors that will affect their world and have tools to help them deal with these to ensure their mental health and general well-being. 

Our PSHE curriculum develops learning and knowledge and skills to enable children and prepares them to be a global citizen now, and for their future roles in the community. It promotes the moral, mental and physical development of pupils, preparing them for their roles and responsibilities in later life. Our Relationships, Health and Sex Education enables our children to learn how to be safe and the understanding of health relationships, now and in their future lives.

Implementation & Impact

PSHE is taught by class teachers and higher level teaching assistants. Some PSHE topics are taught within other subjects, especially Computing and Science, for example the teaching of e-safety within Computing lessons. The curriculum is based on the frameworks of the National Curriculum and the PSHE Association, with more detailed long and medium-term planning developed by the ROSiS as leaders within the county. Rosehill’s curriculum has also been developed to meet the specific needs of our diverse learners and their communities, and support the many aspects of their personal development. 

The subject leaders’ own PSHE knowledge is an important part of providing high quality teaching within the school, and supporting non-specialist teachers to do the same. CPD can be accessed through Rotherham Borough Council and the PSHE Association.

PSHE education will be provided to all children within our school. Children with SEND will be supported to access health, relationships and sex education through high-quality, teacher-led quality first teaching, following the guidance of the SEND code of practice. Teaching will be differentiated and personalised to suit their individual context. 

PSHE education will be taught on a weekly discrete basis, with some content also being taught through other subject areas, and within other contexts. A taught session may look very different in one year group to the next - class teachers have discretion to plan and deliver teaching that suits the individual needs of their class, whilst ensuring that all curriculum content is covered effectively. There is no expectation that children complete formal written recording of teaching, although some form of recording is encouraged. Classes may be encouraged to make an artistic response, or complete a more traditional written task. Some lessons may be talk based and have no written outcome at all. Children's attainment in PSHE is tracked through informal assessments within lessons.

The skills that children at Rosehill Junior School will develop will include, but are not limited to:

● An understanding of their unconditional and universal rights, and how these rights can and should be protected

● An understanding of our diverse and complex world, and an empathy and respect for the rights of all individuals

● Positive and constructive communication

● Resilience and self-regulation, and a keen understanding of their own health and wellbeing, especially supporting their mental and emotional development

● Risk management and balanced decision making, within the context of a changing and challenging world.

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